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United Believers Network Internationa (UBNi)


May 30 2022 , Written by United Believers Network International

Auza Moses

Auza Moses

Disbelieve the devil and believe God

David could bring down Goliath because he believed in the biggness of God than the biggness of Goliath.

By his believe in God and bold declaration he frustrated and aborted the agenda of the devil and established divine agenda.

Scripture says Declare that thou mayest be justified. 

Jesus couldn't do much miracles in His Home town because of their unbelief, If Jesus could not do so much miracle in HIS home town as a result of their unbelief, How much can the devil do in your life if you refuse to be believe.

Hear this: Some People believe the devil to much than they believe God

With your heart establish divine decree and scatter every mountain by your declaration and decrees. Frustrate the enemies agenda and establish divine purpose

What ever we refuse to exist can not exist and what we allow to exist it will exist.

Today I frustrate and abort every agenda against your life, destiny, family, sons and daughters, marital union in the name of Jesus. I command today they are aborted by fire, they are leveled by fire in Jesus name.

Your life, wife, children shall not give expression to satan's agenda or fulfil evil desires or evil expectation of the devil in the name of Jesus.

God's agenda and purpose concerning your life shall be fulfilled in Jesus. Today God establish His perfect will, plans, perfect counsel and purpose for your life.


Your Brother 

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