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A Call into Power and Authority

June 15 2016

Luke 9:1 "Then he called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases.
The call of God is a call unto endowment with power and authority. I want to say every one who is a believer has a call to fulfill on earth.
Question is, why is it necessary to possess this power and authority ?
I want to say that possession of this power and authority is necessary because there are devils and demons in the society and territory where we live that needs to be casted out. The meaning of that to us is, no demonic activity, oppression and manipulations, disease, sickness or affliction is permitted to survive the environment were the called ones are. The truth is, if you carry Jesus and have been with Him in fellowship intimately then that power and authority is yours.
Hear this people of God, we have pampered too much that demonic activities, manipulations and sickness going on in our society where we live, office where we work, it's time to hammer them. It is right time for the authorized, powerized and firerized sons of God to expire them and they shall be expired in Jesus name.
Bible says "The light shineth in darkness and darkness comprehended it not" I pray for you today any form or appearance of evil in your life, family, village or territory (be it sickness, satanic manipulations and oppressions) today I declare them expired forever, I declare that the light and power of Jehovah shall displace any thing called darkness in your life in Jesus name.
Good morning....
#peace... AuzaMoses#


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