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And they sought not counsel from God

June 15 2016

Josh 9:14 "... And asked not counsel at the mouth of the Lord"
Many a times in life we jump into decisions without taking counsel from God, I hear God saying it is disastrous and risky to thread on such path. From Our anchor text, if you read through it tells us the mistake Joshua and the children of Israel made by going into agreement with their enemy because they sought not counsel from the Lord.
Hear this, not to take counsel from the Lord before any step in life is to entrust your life in the hand of the enemy or walk the path of failure as the case may be. The Lord by Himself said in Isaiah 30:1 it is rebellion not to take counsel from Him who owns the map of our lives, who knows and have every details of our lives. And for such people Bible says "woe unto them" may that not be our portion in Jesus name.
I have confirmed from scripture that men like Jehoshaphat, David and the rest who sought counsel from God never ended up as failure neither were they defeated for once, it was David who fought 66 battles and did not loose any.
Our victory and success in life is guaranteed "if" We will always learn to take counsel from God.
I pray for you today in the name that is above every name, that God deliver you from any fear, lack of trust and ignorance of not seeking counsel from Him in Jesus name. Anything called failure in your life today I prophesy victory and a turn around for you in Jesus. You are blessed
Good morning...
#peace... AuzaMoses#


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