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Appearing before God

June 15 2016

Psalm 84:7 " they go from strength to strength, every one of them In zion appeareth before God."
I want to begin by saying that any opportunity we have to appear before God is an opportunity to be cherished because it is an Avenue for impartation. To appear before God is to see the God of gods.
Question is : what is the benefit of appearing before God?
To appear before God aside many other benefits, is to be imparted with strength. scripture says "as they appeared before him, they go from strength to strength." We can't afford to venture into the journey of life as usual without His strength.
Hear this: Strength for the accomplishment and fulfilment for life's assignment is guaranteed any time we appear before God.
My counsel for you today is, be eager to make pilgrimage or appear daily before God so you can receive your daily loadation/portion of strength.
I pray for you today, the eagerness to always appear before God be released on you now in Jesus name. Every strength you need for the accomplishments of your assignment in life receive it now in Jesus precious name.
Good morning....
#peace.... AuzaMoses#


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