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Fire carrier 2

June 20 2016

Yesterday we saw that a person who carries fire does not require external drive to serve God, they are passionate, tireless, fervent and enthusiastic. Another characteristics that can be traceable in a man that carries fire is:

Such a person is a fearless risk taker 1 kings 18:17-18. Elijah was a man of risk, question is what risk did he take? It was the risk of confronting "wicked" Ahab and Jezebel. How did I know? The answer is this; while other prophets went into hide out, only Elijah had the audacity and courage to speak out and confront Ahab. It is the fire that is inside of you that will make you to face what others fear.

Hear this: it is a risk not to take Risk in life #Johnson Suleman#, say it another way; it is riskier not to take risk in life.

People like Elijah enjoys confrontation, anytime there is confrontation from the pit of hell something inside them is stired up because fire is present. Just imagine that Elijah didn't carry fire? He would have been useless before Ahab. So permit me to say this: that firefulness equals usefulness and firelessneess equals uselessness.

I pray for you today, may the world feel the impact of the fire inside of you in Jesus name. Today I take authority over any form of scarcity in your life, I decree that the window of heaven be opened towards your direction to handle that challenge of scarcity in Jesus name. You are blessed.... Good morning...
#peace... AuzaMoses#
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