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God's presence: the safest place

July 15 2016

We live in a very wicked world, a world filled with an escalation of of wickedness and multiple evil. As You open the pages of news papers everyday or watch network capable all you see is multiplication of evil.

In times like this when people perpetuate evil with impunity, does it mean there is no hope for God's people? No. Is there help for God's people? Yes. Are the people of God meant to die like chicken? No.

Say with me safety is my portion! The devil is not in control, God is in control.

Psalm 91 says "He that dweleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the almighty"

Just as there is security in the palaces of power, there is security in the presence of the most High. It's very rare to hear that an armed robber entered Aso rock or white house. Why? Because there is security in the palace of power

Hear this: The closer you get to God, the more secured your life will be and the farther you move away from God, the more vulnerable your life and destiny will be.

It pays to be near God be near God and it costs to be far from Him.

My counsel is take your relationship with God very seriously. Never try to live without the abiding presence of God. Let His fragrance penetrates and saturate your life until it becomes perceivable by demons and the agents of wickedness.

Moses and David were men of God's presence. At a time he spent time in God's presence until the skin of his face reflected light. Exodus 34:30-35.
He became untouchable. Numbers 16.

I pray for you today grace to abide in His presence be released upon you now in Jesus name. In this season as you abide in His presence just like Moses, may your change be evident to all that sees you in Jesus name. You are blessed... Good morning...
#peace... AuzaMoses#
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