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Guard your heart 1

June 17 2016

Prov 4:23 "keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life"
Life is programmed from the heart.
The heart is the center of life. When you lose grip on your heart you lose grip on your life. When your heart is out of control, your life is out of control.

It is not possible to direct your life if your heart has lost direction. An unstable heart is an unstable life.

Hence it is important to watch our heart against fear and anxiety. Today we shall deal with the issue of fear. Question How do you conquer fear?

1. Don't accommodate fear proverbs 3:25 Never entertain thoughts of fear. Fear is a weapon the devil use to attack our confidence, paralyze and weaken our trust in God. Never welcome or entertain fear because it is a magnetizer of evil. It was Job that said "the things I fear the most has come to me"

Hear this: what ever you fear you attract, because fear is a magnetizer.

I heard a story of a young lady that was scared of cancer, for 20 years that fear kept tormenting her until cancer entered her. I was driving one day and in my heart I said "I have never had accident" at the instant of that thought fear set in my heart. Some few minutes after that thought I had that accident I was scared of. So never entertain fear, fight it with all you've got, Be brutally repulsive to it.
Fight fear with the word of God for it blast away timidity in your heart.

Hear this, that Herod cut off the head of James did not mean that he could cut Peters head. He could try to arrest Peter but would not succeed in killing him. Why? James is not Peter neither is Peter James.
The devil may have succeed with someone else, but he will never succeed on your head

I pray for you today, every spirit of fear that has been fighting and resisting your life and destiny, today I decree that there powers be paralysed in Jesus name. From today may the Lord be your confidence and keep your feet from being taken by fear in Jesus name. You are blessed... Good morning...
#peace... AuzaMoses#
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