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Kingdom pursuit: the Rewards it Bring

June 15 2016

We live in a generation where men are desperately seeking after things that will not last at the expense of God. In as much as those things are good that we have them I hear God saying to us this morning crave and seek for me rather. Luke 12:31says " but rather seek ye the kingdom of God ; and all these shall be added unto you"
Hear this, those who are true seekers of God are never at a lost or disadvantaged in life, in fact they are "doubly advantageous". The meaning of that is, what others are busy pursuing will be added to you "if" your direction is towards seeking God and His kingdom. Hear me people of God it will be a waste of life, energy and effort if all we seek and follow after is mere material things that are perishable on earth and on the other hand we have every thing we desire in life if all we seek also is nothing but God. Scripture must be fulfilled and God cannot lie, if you can seek God from today then your life and destiny will experience a turn around.
I pray for you today in the name of Jesus may what others seek and run after for be added unto you, the passion to desperately seek after God and His kingdom be imparted unto you now in Jesus precious name.
You are blessed... Beloved
Good morning....
#peace... AuzaMoses#


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