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Preserved by uprightness

July 9 2016

Ecclesiastices 10:8 "he who breaks the hedge a serpent will bite him"

Living in uprightness is a guarantee for our preservation. There is a shield of protection that exist around the upright which can only be broken by sin. Once that hedge is broken, you give the enemy access to attack.

Ephesians 4:27 "And give no opportunity to the devil"

Iniquity gives the devil opportunity to wreck havoc in a man's life.

Prayer: Oh God, I receive grace to live upright, help me never to give the devil any opportunity to wreck havoc in my life.

If you want your preservation to be intact you must run away from sin.

Hear this: those who engage in iniquity destroy their immunity, and once their immunity is tempered with calamity multiplies.

I pray for you today, the grace to live upright receive it now in Jesus name. Every evil that was meant for you, today my God will turn it for your good. I decree that your life and destiny is preserved in Jesus name. You are blessed... Good morning...
#peace... AuzaMoses#
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