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The Enemy called Flesh

June 15 2016

Matthew 26:41 "... The Spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak."
The flesh is one of the greatest enemies of spirituality in man. The spirit and the flesh are always in conflict for the sole purpose of gaining control over man.
Hear this: To yield to the flesh is to lose control over destiny, and to yield to the Spirit is to gain control over destiny.
The truth is, you will never get anything done if you allow your flesh to rule your life. It was by surrendering his life to the desires of the flesh that Esau sold his birth right and lost his destiny. Understand that most of the times, what your flesh wants is contrary to both your spiritual life and destiny. So to follow the flesh is to end up as a failure.
The willingness of the spirit must therefore translate into the obedience of the flesh for a solid spiritual life to be developed.
My Counsel for you today is ensure that you do all you can, so your flesh obeys the promptings of your spirit.
I pray for you today, may your spirit be willing and your flesh obey your spirit in Jesus name. Grace to subdue the flesh receive it now in Jesus name. You are blessed .
Good morning...
#peace.. AuzaMoses#


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