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The Frustration of Stagnation

June 14 2016

John 5:8 "Jesus saith unto him, Rise, take up thy bed, and walk."
The state of impotence, blindness and lameness is a state of helplessness, frustration and stagnation. Here is a man who had infirmity for 38 years, he was helpless, impotent and lamed, seeking for help at the pool of Bethesda. Until Jesus showed up he remained helpless. There are many people in life today who are frustrated, stagnated and helpless because they are impotent, blind or lamed. They have remained perpetually in that state for many years, the troubling and the stirring of water (word/atmosphere of healing) not withstanding, they still remain helpless.
Today is your day of rising and progress, God brought this word your way to liberate you from any form of stagnation, blindness, impotence and lameness. You have dwelt too long on that spot where you are now, may be that challenge, infirmity has remained with you for many years and it seem as if God has forgotten about you or He does not exist, I am sent to announce to you this day that the challenge, blindness, lameness expires today. I declare today that the hand of Jehovah rise and lift you up from every state of impotence and stagnation. Today God set your feet on progressive and continuous motion in Jesus name. You are blessed....
Good morning.....
#peace.... AuzaMoses#


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