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The greatest Asset

June 14 2016

The greatest asset a man can ever have on earth is not in d money/fleets of cars or house he has, it is the presence of God.

The highest thing that can be said of anyone on earth is that God is with them.

Question is, why should we pray 4 the Presence of God? Why is it very important?

It has been said that, to have the Presence of God is to have everything & to lack his presence is to lack everything.

Hear me: the presence of God is the "person" God. The Presence of God is the embodiment of divinity.
Having access to the Presence of God equals access to God himself.

It is impossible to miss the person of God once you access his presence. Thus God & his presence are intertwined
I perceive in my heart that there is need to cry for the mighty outpouring of His presence in our lives and the church as a whole.

I pray for you, in this season may you encounter a dimension of His presence you never knew before. In this June you shall arise and stand out for your word/light/revelation has come and the glory of God rest upon you in Jesus name. You are blessed.....
#peace... AuzaMoses#


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