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January 18 2017

Mark 9:23 "Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth."

The term possibility is defined as a realm of achievability and realizability. When a thing is said to be possible, it means it is feasible, attainable, fulfillable and within reach. It is a realm where every thing can be done.

Our God is a God of all possibilities who dwells in a realm where impossibilities CANNOT exist. Miracles, signs and wonders are His natural habitat.

The things that make us wonder, ponder, amazed and be shocked are His natural atmosphere.

He is the only one who has no testimony to share because our testimonies are His normal Will of operation.

All through the bible we see the enormity of His possibilities. Examples include, when He made water flow from a rock (Numb 22:31-33), sent raven to feed Elijah, He empowered iron to swim (2 kings 6:6) and made Mary, a Virgin to conceive and give birth without meeting a man.

Question is, what will this mantle of all possibilities do for you?
1. It has the capacity to dismantle all impossibilities
2. It has the capacity to exceed boundaries and limitations.
3. Capacity to achieve the unimaginable.
Capacity to reach the unreachable.
4. Capacity to demystify difficulties.

Do you desire to enter into these realm of all possibilities? My Counsel is, connect to God and live in His presence, where impossibilities can't exist.

I pray for you today may God usher you into this realm of all possibilities. In this season God release into your hand the mantle to dismantle impossibilities, capacity to exceed boundaries and limitations and capacity to demystify difficulties in Jesus name.
You are blessed... Good morning beloved... We are back after a long break, we sincerely apologize for this, trusting God for an uninterrupted flow this year.
#peace..... AuzaMoses#
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