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The mysteries behind the workings of God

June 15 2016

Job 26:7 "... and hangeth the earth upon nothing."
We serve a God whose ways are mysterious. Trying to understand "How" God's mysteries are birthed is inconsequential and time wasting. What a mystery to see that the earth is suspended on empty space. What that implies is that there is no pillar upon which the earth is resting or hanging. I see Hebrew 1:3 fulfilled here, scripture says "...and upholding all things by the word of His power....." that means the earth is suspended by His own power and Providence.
Hear what God is saying this morning to us, it doesn't matter the challenge and problem confronting your life and family, as far as God is concern it is inconsequential. If God can suspend the earth on nothing then that challenge is too small and inconsequential, He can also suspend them.
I pray for you today May God suspend every natural laws and protocols for your favour. That word of His power that uphold all things and set them in there place, I pray for you today may you experience that dimension in your life and family in Jesus name. Your week is blessed and lines will fall for you in Pleasant place in Jesus name.
Good morning..
#peace.. AuzaMoses#


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