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November 4 2016

God's plan for His people is a plan of power. God never planed to have powerless and defeated children been the all powerful God.

When God created man in Genesis 1:28, He blessed them and said to them "... Subdue it and have dominion" that tells us that we were created and positioned for power, authority and Dominion, and not defeat. Praise God

Luke 10:19 says "behold I give unto you power to thread upon snakes and scorpion.... And nothing shall by any means or projection or orchestration or mistake hurt you.

So from these scriptures above we can confidently say that we are designed and wired for power, Dominion and authority... Hallelujah.

Question is; why is power necessary or better still what is the purpose of power.?
1. For the subduing and subjugation of the enemy.

Psalm 66:3 says "through the greatness of thy power shall the enemies submit themselves"

so one of the purpose of power is to compel enemy's submission, that is to put the enemy where they belong. whether that enemy is sickness or disease, lack or poverty, a spell or an enchantment, frustrations or ancestral curse, power compels it's submission.

Hear this and never forget; anywhere power is lacking enemies reign and triumph.

In Exodus we saw that the enemy(Pharoah) reigned over Israel and kept them in captivity for over four hundred years, but when power arrived there story changed and they were released.

I pray for you today in the name that is above every name, I decree that the reign, triumph and rule of the enemy in any department of your life is coming to an end, in this season any enemy will find there level out of your life in Jesus name. You are blessed... Good morning... You are blessed...
#peace... AuzaMoses#
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