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The power of Giving

June 14 2016

There is a force that enables you to manifest in a new realm. Realm of wealth, power and influence.

Question is, what is that force/power that guarantees our access to wealth? The simple answer is the giving power. I call it the power to lay it down.
John 10:17 Jesus speaking said "therefore doth d father love me, because I lay down my life, that I might take it again."

Hear me, the power to lay down is what provokes the power to receive.

Giving is d secret behind the power to get wealth.

Until the power to lay things down begins to work in ur life, the power to receive is not in view.

There is nothing called rain in the atmosphere. The moisture dt evaporates 4rm d earth is what condense to form rain.

If nothing goes up from you, don't expect anything to come down to you.

Eccl 11:3 if the cloud be full of rain, they empty dmself upon the earth. Once ur cloud is full, your rain will fall.

Giving power proceeds receiving power
2 Corinth 9:6 he that gives sparingly/bountifully..... Will receive in such measure.

David gave and experienced a deluge of rain, Solomon gave a thousand burnt offering and the heaven were opened for him, God gave and gave until he gave His son.
I Pray for you today, the power to lay things down even in d midst of trials and challenges receive it now in Jesus name. Anything in your life dt needs to be evaporated out so dt Blessings can be released, let them be evaporated in Jesus name .
As you give, may the cloud of Blessings be full over you and be emptied upon you in due time in Jesus name.
You are blessed.... Good morning....
#peace... AuzaMoses#


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