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The sent Word

June 14 2016

John 4:50 ".... And the man believed the word that Jesus had spoken unto him, and he went his way."
Here is a man whose son was down and came to invite Jesus so he could heal his son. And all Jesus could do was to release the word "Go thy way; thy son liveth." And so it was... Praise God. Anytime God wants to get things done, what He does us to release the word, Bible said "He sent His word and it healed them"
I like to say that, to believe the sent word of God is to live victoriously in life. Every spoken word from Jesus is an answer to any challenge that confronts us, not to believe the word is to remain frustrated and defeated. Anytime we believe and align ourselves to His word there is a corresponding release of answer following the instructions.
Life, victory, success, safety is guaranteed any time we believe His spoken words to us, because every challenge around us has ears to hear the word of God and they must obey His word.
My counsel is this, never struggle with every spoken word of God because inside that word contains your miracle and desired expectations.
I pray for you today, anything dead and lifeless around you, I stand on the integrity of God's Word to declare life to them in Jesus name, I take authority over that Fever, headache, ulcer, cancer, pains all over your body that has been a burden to you, today I curse them to there root and I command them to leave your body now in Jesus name. Check yourself and confirm your healing it's done in Jesus name.
You are blessed.... Good morning...
#peace... AuzaMoses#


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