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November 8 2016

Ezekiel 37:7 "... And as I prophesied there was a noise, and behold a shaking, and the bones came together, bone to his bone"

I like to say that only what is scattered comes together, if the bones came together that tells us that they were scattered.

The meaning of that is, hopelessness characterised and defined their condition.

There are over 200 bones in the body. Question is, If you get the skull, how do you get different vertebrae, the tibia or femur, radius, ulna or the humerus? It was a condition of hopelessness.

Hear this: As far as God is concerned, there is no Destiny so scattered, battered or shattered that can not be gathered by God's power. There is no future so punctured, ruptured or butchered that can not be sutured by God's power.

Perhaps you are reading this and it seems like there are things in your life that are scattered and don't know how they can come together. May be it's your financial, academic, marital or spiritual life and destiny, I am sent to announce to you that there is a power that brought the scattered, dried bones together and that same power will pull your life together in Jesus name.

Today I prophesy restoration of favour for you and a reconnection back to what ever you lost in Jesus name (the bones that use to be scattered in your life are coming together). Every thing belonging to your life and destiny, where ever they are by the anointing of the Holy Ghost they are looking for you now in Jesus name. You are blessed... Good morning...
#peace... AuzaMoses#
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