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The vessel God uses 1

June 14 2016

Who is the person that God will use?

Is a person whose ambition is God's ambition. If you ever stepped into the heart of God and knew what His ambition is then God will use you.

Jesus called His disciples and said unto them "follow me and I will make you fishers of men..." As far as they were concerned fishing was their personal ambition but Jesus interrupted there personal ambition and showed them His ambition and they yielded to His call, from that day they had no personal ambition, Jesus' ambition was there ambition. The whole till today has not recovered from the exploits Jesus' disciples did.

Hear how TL Osborne defined success. He defined it "as finding out what God is doing and doing it with Him."

Hear this; to follow your personal ambition is to end up frustrated but to follow God's ambition is to end up happy and fulfilled.
My counsel for you today is; find out what God is doing or wants to do and join Him in doing it and life will not remain the same.

I pray for you today may God find you use able and useful for His kingdom in Jesus name. As you step out today may the strength of Jehovah be released on you to achieve the impossible in Jesus name... You are blessed... Good morning...
#peace... AuzaMoses#


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