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The vessel God uses (part two)

June 15 2016

The vessel God will use in this end time move are People who have passion for God's presence. Such a person have no personal address other than God's presence.

In 1 kings 17:1 Elijah said to Ahab "... before God whom I stand...." He was telling Ahab indirectly, If you are looking for me look for God, the only place you can find me is in God's presence. No wonder He stood out in His generation amidst other prophets because he had a stand before God.

Hear this; when you stand before God, you stand out in life.

For people like Elijah and Moses they were Incurably addicted to God's presence. For them coming out of God's presence is a distraction.

Bible said of John "there is a man sent from God" scripture didn't say sent by God. The meaning is, if he was sent from God, then God was His residential address, permanently resident in God's presence no wonder he became a voice in His generation.

I pray for you today, may you be incurably addicted to God's presence and from today may His presence be your permanent residential address in Jesus name. You are blessed... Good morning..
#peace... AuzaMoses#


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