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October 1 2016

Your prayers disarms and destroy the enemy.

Prayer is a spiritual force that connects humanity to the wonders of God.

Prayer is the vehicle for the manifestation of the wonders of God.

prayer is a spiritual force loaded with spiritual product.

One of such product is vengeance and judgemental weapon (Esther prayed and the Persian law was reviversed and the Hamman that wanted them (Jews) destroyed took their place in death. That is vengeance and judgement.

Daniel who was a man of prayer was delivered from the den of lions and his enemies that sought his life took his place in death, again that is vengeance and judgment.

In the place of prayer the dream of the king was revealed to Daniel. What a wonder! Dan 6 :16 & 22)

Men who carries the identity of prayer are earth shakers and attention commanding people. They partner with God in bringing down the order of heaven on earth. No wonder queen of England said "I fear the prayer of John Knox than the entire army of England"

Question is, what are the wonders of prayer.
1. Prayer settles any form of dispute and disagreement (Elijah with the 450 prophets of Baal at carmel" one prayer from the man of God brought down fire from above that ended the dispute. The fire of God settled the dispute.
2. Prayer delivers men from the wickedness of evil men Daniel 2:5, 18. Daniel would died in the Lions den, if not for the intervention of God.
3. Prayer demystifys mysteries or unveils hidden secrets. It was at the place of prayer that the Kings dream was revealed and the interpretation. Dan 6:19,22. Isn't it amazing that a man could tell his fellow man the dream he had and the interpretation thereof? That is the wonders prayers does.

Hear this: To live a prayer less life is to live a defeated, frustrated, powerless and humiliated life.

I pray for you today, any form of dispute and disagreement surrounding your life, destiny and family today the fire of God settles it. Today God delivers you from the wickedness of evil men in Jesus name. You are blessed.... Good morning... #peace... AuzaMoses#
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