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Watch what you say

June 15 2016

Luke 11:54 "Laying wait for him, and seeking to catch something out of his mouth, that they might accuse him."
I want to say that surrounding our lives are people "enemies" always laying in wait, seeking and earnestly desiring to find fault in us. Such people keep a close watch on us not to see any good, but just to find fault in us or to catch us with words of our mouth or actions as if they are been paid to do that. Against such The Holy Spirit is warning us to be careful with them.
Hear this, to talk any how is to allow yourself to be caught by the accuser, and to talk and operate with wisdom is to silence every of such accuser. Bible confirms that life is preserve even in our silence. Be careful with whom you engage with in a discussion, you must not answer everybody. Trust God for word of wisdom so you can answer any tricky questions that may asked you.
I pray for you today in the name of Jesus, any accuser always laying in wait for you, seeking to discredit you or creeple your destiny today I decree that my God will disappoint them. In This month of February the mouth of every accuser against your life, destiny and family are silenced in Jesus name.
Good morning... Happy new month friends...you are blessed.
#peace.. AuzaMoses#


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