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United Believers Network Internationa (UBNi)

Wired for the Top

June 14 2016

The top has been designed by God for His children. The bible says in Matthew 5:14 "you are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot b hidden."
People of God I like you to know that the top is where God has prepared for Us. The reason why the top has been designed for us is so that we can shine the light of God deposited inside us. Before you can access the top, you must be willing to first be a light to your generation. Note this, " there can be no reach without a stretch and there can be no mark without a move." We are designed to excel and rise to our full God given potential and authority. I don't knw Abt u, But as for me any thing below the top is not permited. I know my place and and am getting there in Jesus name.
I pray for you today, that place, height and top designed for you by Jehovah may you never miss it in Jesus name. By the power of the Holy Ghost, I provoke the release of every God giving potential inside of you, today may they find expression in Jesus name.
You are blessed....
#peace... AuzaMoses#


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