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October 6 2016

When God saw the condition of the land of Israel in chapter 22 of Ezekiel where we read, He said "And I sought for a man". He didn't say "I am looking for an angel or money or what to do. He said, "I sought for a man"

Note that God was not looking for MEN but for A MAN. As far as God is concerned One Man is equal to a nation (Jacob was called Israel), one man is equal to a city (Jeremiah 1:18). God told Jeremiah "behold I have made you a defenced city. So one man was equal to the task.

In Ezekiel 22:30, God said I sought for a man and James 5:17 tells us that " Elias was a man". The meaning of that is, "I am looking for a man and Elijah is that man. In other words, in the generation of Elijah God found a man called Elijah. The big question is, in this generation who will God find?

Hear this: You are the man the man/woman God wants to use in this generation to solve the issues and challenges of your country (Nigeria), your community and family.

Pray this prayer with me: Oh God, I am available, here am I use me.

I pray for you today, may God find you a useful and a usable vessel that will be a solution provider to your generation, from today the Lord makes you a defended city in Jesus name. You are blessed.... Good morning...
#peace... AuzaMoses#
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