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Benefits of seeking God

June 14 2016

Psalms 24:6 "This is the generation of them that seek him, that seek thy face, O Jacob. Selah."
To Find God is not the beginning of a process but the end of a thing. To find means that you have been seeking, before arriving at the point of finding.
Hear this, To lose your life for the sake of God is to find it. Matthew 10:39...
Jacob at the later phase of his life seeked God and not His life. Remember that in the beginning Jacob was seeking his life hence the reason why he ran from his brother "Easu" and went to Laban to earn a living, thank God his mentality changed from seeking his life to seeking God. Those who are true seekers of God are never at a disadvantage rather they are more advantageous.
Question is, what and who are you seeking?
I like to bring to our remembrance this day that, the desire of God and the expectation of heaven concerning us daily is that we seek FIRST the kingdom of God and His righteousness, there is a guarantee and assurance that we will find God indeed. Beloveth, are you young, vibrant and full of strength? If yes, then my counsel is this "seek Him now while it is still day" the meaning is this, forget what others are struggling to chase after and channel that energy to seeking God.
I pray for you today in the name that is above all names, may God ignite in your heart an unquenchable hunger, passion and desire for Him and His kingdom. What ever force and power that has prevented you from seeking God, today those powers are destroyed in Jesus name.
You are blessed.... Good morning....
#peace... AuzaMoses#


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