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The power in the name; Jesus

June 15 2016

To be born in christ is to be born in power and to be born in power is to become unbeatable in the conflicts of life. It not possible to die the death of a weakling when you carry this power.
The power in the name of Jesus is one of the many sources of power we have as God's children.
Question is what are the benefits of this name to us?
Proverbs 18:10 "the name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous runneth into it and is safe."
1.That name carrys power, it guarantees our immunity.
The meaning of this to us is, any time we invoke dt name, a strong tower is erected round about u.
2. when u call it knees bow & Every tongue agrees to the Lordship of that name
3. At the mention of the name there is an explosion of power. Its d name Peter called at d beautiful gate dt rose d cripple up Act 3:6.
4. The name of Jesus is not a title it's a possession. "David Oyedepo". Peter said "as such as I have" you must know you have it.
5. That same name gets things done Act 4:7 "by what power or name have ye done this?
6. Demons are cast out by that same name mark 16:17" in my name ye shall cast out demons"
7. Miracles signs and wonders are done by that same name Act 4:29:30, yes His name is a reservoir for Miracles, signs and wonders.
I Pray for you today may that power dimension present in your name possess you in Jesus. This week may His name be an immunity to you and your family, may things be done and answer to you by that same name in Jesus precious name. The miracles, signs and wonders contained in that name, today may you encounter and experience them in Jesus name.
Good morning... And have blessed day
#peace... AuzaMoses#

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