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November 3 2016

when the world was in a chaotic state, in darkness, formless and without shape in Genesis chapter 1, it was word God sent to fix it, give it shape and put it in order.

When the servant of the centurion officer was sick and needed attention in Matthew 8:13, it was word just sent to handle that challenge of sickness.
When Peter and the other disciples toiled all night and caught nothing, it was word Jesus sent to address the issue of their frustration and unfruitful venture.
Today I came to remind you incase you have forgotten that our God is the same yesterday, today and forever more. He can send one word to settle your destiny issue, He can send one word to settle your marital, financial and academic issue. He can send one word to handle that sickness or barreness surrounding your life.

Lift up your voice and pray this prayer with me; oh God give me that one word O need to handle any negative challenge hunting my life and destiny.

Hear this; it doesn't matter how shattered, scattered, battered, ruptured or punctured your life has been. One word from God can gather anything scattered in your life, one word from God can suture anything ruptured and punctured in your life.

Today I pray for you, may God's Word fix, shape and order your life in Jesus name. In this season that word you need to settle you in life and destiny is coming your way now, receive it in Jesus name. Any thing scattered and punctured in your life today God's Word gather and suture them together in Jesus name. You are blessed...
#peace... AuzaMoses#
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